Fall Out of Love with LoveTester

LoveTester is a terrible adware program that you should get rid of as quick as you can. Not only is it an adware program that will monitor your activities online and deliver pop-up ads, but it doubles as a Trojan as well. It downloads other adware programs and that will seriously harm your computer.

The horrible thing about LoveTester is that it registers itself as a BHO, which means that to your firewall, it appears to be a legitimate part of Internet Explorer. With that kind of freedom, it can connect itself to the Internet and download whatever it wants.

In order to remove LoveTester manually, you need to delete the following registry values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ software \ microsoft \ windows \ currentversion \ explorer \ browser helper objects \ {43fa5935-e36e-4937-8127-a90191b2ec68}
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ software \ microsoft \ windows \ currentversion \ explorer \ browser helper objects \ {72557f9f-13ae-44c9-b3d7-5091b599027c}

Unregister the following DLLs:


Then, delete the following files:


Though you can manually remove LoveTester, it isn’t the desired method of removal. Due to the adware that it downloads onto your computer, removing LoveTester isn’t enough to restore your computer’s health.

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