FCHelp Adware is No Help At All

Although the name is FC “Help,” FCHelp adware is no help at all.  This is not a virus or a Trojan, but a direct marketing adware application.  This application does not display any type of license agreement when installed and the installation is virtually invisible – at least upon installation.  Once inside, FCHelp displays pop-ups on your system with unwanted advertisements.  It can also change your default home page or search engine default to a deceptive website.

This threat will copy itself onto your hard disk, then create a new startup key with the name “Adware.FCHelp” and value (*.*). You may also find it in your processes list if you take the time to look.

Where Is FCHelp Hiding?

What makes this adware so tricky is that it is difficult to find.  There is no entry created in the “Add/Remove Programs” control panel, and no trace of it in the Start Menu.  The application uses the “Applnit_DLLs” registry key to make sure that it will be launched whenever you start your computer.  If that wasn’t enough, FCHelp affects your computer’s performance by eating the bandwidth needed to run efficiently.

Since some malware can camouflage themselves as FCHelp.exe files, it is important to spot and delete any FCHelp.exe related errors.

You can resolve the problem the hard way by attempting to manually delete all registry keys and files connected with this software, removing it from start up list, and unregistering all corresponding DLLs.  Any missing DLLs will need to be restored in the event they are corrupted.  If you are technical, this might work.  If not, you could cause more harm than good.  Do you want to risk further damaging your system, or do you want to remove FCHelp the easy way?

Invest in anti-spyware software that will take care of the problem automatically.   Anti-spyware software knows exactly which files are corrupt, which files should be deleted, and which ones should stay where they are.  It sounds much easier than attempting this on your own, doesn’t it?  Get your anti-spyware software today and get rid of adware for good.

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