Find and Remove MS SyS Restore and its Host Worm

MS SyS Restore is named so that it seems to be a natural part of Microsoft Windows, but it is not.  It is doubly dangerous to try and remove on your own, because you might accidentally delete important Windows files or registries if you’re not highly knowledgeable about how the operating system works.

Even worse, MS SyS Restore is usually delivered by a worm!   A worm is a program that reproduces itself and spreads throughout a network, often carrying a dangerous payload.  It can be spread over a local area network, a WiFi hotspot, or even the router in your home!

The name of the worm is RBOT.xm.  RBOT is a group of worms that uses a list of user names and passwords to hack into shared folders and file.  If you find MS SyS Restore on your system, chances are your computer has been infected by this worm as well.

MS SyS Restore file contents:

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