.FindSpy Has A Different Approach In Infecting Your Computer

.FindSpy is a rarity with spyware programs. What makes this program rare among the internet parasites is that it changes your desktop wallpaper to advertise so-called antispyware programs. Of course, you’re only in for more trouble if you download any of these programs, since they’re not real antispyware programs. They’re just more spyware, as if that’s what you really need. It’s kind of ironic, really.

Most of the time, adware will use pop up or banner advertising for your displeasure. That is the main point where .FindSpy departs from other adware programs. Other than that, it still does some of the same things. It still connects to a remote server and uses up your bandwidth. It still downloads malicious software onto your computer. It still eats up your computer’s memory. All told, this activity will bring your computer’s performance down to a crawl, and maybe cause it to freeze.

This program comes as a bundle with a number of notoriously adware-ridden programs. The list includes Comet Cursor, Gator, and PurityScan, just to name a few. It has gone through a number of updates, and has been classified as anywhere from a medium to critical risk. Ultimately, though, who cares how much of a risk it is? You don’t want it anyway.

This program also will start up every time you restart your computer until you thoroughly get rid of it. That is to say, if this program wasn’t completely removed from your computer before you restart it, you’ll have a complete infection all over again when you do. With all the permutations of this program out there, who’s to say whether or not all of the actual antispyware programs can effectively deal with it?

I know of only one spyware remover that can deal with any and all adware programs. I highly recommend ZookaWare PC Cleaner for protection against these malicious programs. It’s the only antispyware that offers a 100% removal guarantee and can back it up! With our partnership with the Better Business Bureau, you have assurance that we will deliver on our promise. Our five star ratings prove that we do. We can do this because we have a bot that scans the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking for new spyware definitions to add to our vault. We also provide protections from future infections by the adware programs we’ve discovered. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only program that does this. Everyone out there claims to be the best. We actually deliver the best.

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