GoHip Browserenh Can Mean Trouble for Your Browser

When your browser is attacked by adware, this can cause a number of problems on your computer.  This type of adware is termed a BHO, or Browser Helper Object, which is a program that runs automatically whenever you start your Internet browser.   In many cases this is not a big problem, but when a BHO is installed maliciously, GoHip Browserenh can mean trouble for your browser as it tracks which advertisements you view when surfing the Internet.

This might not seem like a big deal, but when BHOs have adware, malware, or spyware attached to them, they monitor your Web usage and report the data back to the developers of the malicious software.  When this happens, unwanted advertisements are created in place of your desired search results in the form of pop-ups.  These can be plentiful and annoying.

This type of software attempts to take control of your computer or will hijack your browser, and can alter your browser settings so you are redirected to websites that you had no intention of viewing.  It can also change your home page, which is often a surprise to you at first glance—you may even question your mental state at some point!

More intrusive threats can add bookmarks for adult related websites to generate pop-up windows or redirect you to URLs that you are positive you did not ask for.  In extreme cases, the unwanted pop-ups can ultimately cause your computer to slow down or even crash because the software takes up all of the available resources.

A browser hijacker is normally installed piggybacked on free software installation.  Of course, you don’t knowingly agree to it, but somewhere in the fine print of the user agreement there is probably mention of the adware being installed.  This type of software can also be installed as a result of an infected e-mail or file sharing.  It is for this reason that you should never download any software from unknown sources.  It is also suggested that you invest in anti-spyware software to detect and quarantine any potential threats or remove any adware/spyware that has already made its way onto your computer.

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