Hopefully Terminator 2009 Won’t Be Back In 2010

Scammers that create rogue applications are bad enough, but unleashing one named after a popular movie franchise is simply stupid. We all know that the movie depict a rogue computer system that takes over the world and if this rogue application was developed better, then it could have also caused a lot of damage. Luckily the scammers that designed Terminator 2009 were not smart enough to make something more destructive.

Terminator 2009 file contents:

C:Program FilesProtectorprotector.exe
C:Program FilesProtectorC1.exe
C:Program FilesProtectorC1.dll

Running Processes:
C:Program FilesProtectorprotector.exe
C:Program FilesProtectorC1.exe

Registry values:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun “Terminator 2009”

Registered DLLs:
C:Program FilesProtectorC1.dll

Recommended Action:  Immediate Removal

Manually removing Terminator 2009 is really not that difficult, just stop all the processes and delete all the registry entries. Make sure to scan your computer with whichever virus protection program you use and follow up with a thorough search for all the related files. What can be difficult is removing any other trojans or malware that came along with Terminator 2009.

If you have a hard time removing Terminator 2009 for whatever reason then, you might need a malware removal and protection program installed. Getting a malware removal program like Spyzooka can remove Terminator 2009 as well as other types of malware. The best part about installing Spyzooka is that you will be 100% guaranteed to keep Terminator 2009 and other malware parasites off your computer. Only Spyzooka offers a 100% guarantee and once you install it, you will know why.

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  1. Carol Miller says:

    Unfortunately, I was unable to remove Terminator 2009 by myself, because my anti virus is not so good. With SpyZooka, it was terminated right away. I appreciate your help!

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