IETop100 Spyware Profile

IETop100 is a spyware program disguised as an Internet Explorer Toolbar designed for Asian specific searches.  In reality, it is a Browser Hijacker designed to deliver advertisements to your computer.  It was first discovered in April of 2003.

IETop100 delivers advertisements to your computer by resetting your browser’s home page to its own controller page and by redirecting your browsing to its affiliate sites.  It has no real usefulness in its stated purpose.

It delivers these advertised pages based on your browsing history.  It uploads the contents of your browser’s cache to its controlling server, which processes the data and delivers advertisements based on the information.  This could present a risk to your privacy.

Based on this information, there is no reason to keep IETop100 on your computer.  Because of the time consuming, technical and risky nature of manual removal, we discourage this practice for the average user.  Instead, you should use a trusted spyware removal tool to remove IETop100.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the most trusted product for this purpose.

Also Known As:
IETop100.BHO, IETop100.dll,
Adware:Win32/Starae [Microsoft],
Adware-StarAE [McAfee], NJStar,
NJStar Asian Explorer

Associated Files:
%desktopdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer.lnk
NJStar Asian Explorer.lnk
%programfilesdir%\Internet Explorer\IETop100.dll
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\UNWISE.EXE
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\readme.txt
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\File_id.diz
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\Njgb2uc.cnv
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\Njb52uc.cnv
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\Njuc2gb.cnv
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\Njksx2uc.cnv
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\Njexpcht.dll
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\Njexpchs.dll
%programfilesdir%\NJStar Asian Explorer\iedefault.reg
%commondesktopdirectorydir%\NJStar Asian Explorer.lnk
NJStar Asian Explorer.lnk
CLSID {1E1B286C-30C7-11D4-8DDF-525400E483E3}
NJStar Asian Explorer

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  1. Shan Hall says:

    When I had no idea about how can I remove IETop100, SpyZooka was the one that helped. I guess this is the best antispyware ever. I’m glad that I found it and I know that my computer is protected like never before.

  2. Jannice says:

    SpyZooka is great! It is easy to use and takes little time. In my opinion, this program is a “must have” !

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