What is KGhost? It is a malicious software program of the adware variety. It will download a “browser helper object” (BHO). “Browser helper object” is a sugar-coated name for a program that will hijack Microsoft Internet Explorer or other web browsers! A web hijack may change your homepage, direct you to the spyware maker’s web page when you would normally receive an error message, or even prevent you from accessing anti-spyware, anti-adware, and antivirus websites!

This program can also slow down your computer. So if your computer is running slow and redirecting you to strange sites you never wanted to visit, you may have KGhost installed on your computer. In any case, you have some kind of malicious adware on your computer. How can you tell whether it is KGhost or not?

The program often hides in the NetMeeting folder. It will likely be found in the Program Files directory under \NetMeeting\SS\Serverside.dll.

Keep in mind that many adware and spyware programs will hide files in your Windows System Registry. Even if you delete the adware file, it may re-spawn from another location inside your computer. The best way to make sure malicious software stays away is to get a good anti-spyware tool.

KGhost Files:


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