Lifelongpc – Kill This Or You’ll have A WeekLongPC!

Lifelongpc is a rogue antispyware application made to accomplish one task: separate you from money! It finds its way onto your computer, usually coming through a trojan like Zlob or Vundo, and then camps out, starting by presenting you with a “scan” of your computer, (which you never requested or gave it permission to do!) which then delivers up a phony list of dire “threats” to your computer if these are not dealt with ASAP. But you’re in luck! They have a rock-solid solution for your computer ills, and it’s their spiffy new antispyware software upgrade! You just need to get out your credit card, buy this thing, and all of your computer’s virus and spyware problems are toast! If only it were that simple…

Lifelongpc is not going anywhere, and you won’t get rid of it without some major efforts on your part. Lifelongpc has the capability to reconstruct itself, even if you’ve managed to find and delete a bunch if its files. This is why it’s darn near impossible to do this kind of computer cleanup all by yourself; you will miss more than a few files, and that would tantamount to not doing anything at all, as Lifelongpc will simply come back to life, much like the dreaded enemy on some computer game that you just can’t seem to kill.

What could be even worse about Lifelongpc is that it opens major security holes in your system as well. Often Lifelongpc will invite its friends, ones that promise even more havoc on your machine, which can then mine your computer of all your sensitive information, and you know what kind of problems that can lead to!

The only way I know of to make sure you get rid of Lifelongpc and any of its nefarious allies is to get hold of a legitimate antispyware software solution, one that will seek out and destroy all traces of these programs. The best that I’m aware of is called ZookaWare PC Cleaner, which comes with a 100% spyware removal guarantee. Try it today and be rid of Lifelongpc for good!

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Cyberlab runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select Cyberlab and click Uninstall.

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