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Marketscore.RelevantKnowledge is a piece of tracking software that spies on what web sites you visit.  Its “privacy policy” states that its use is similar to taking Neilson polls of what television shows people most like and dislike.  It does this by forcing all of your surfing to happen through one of their proxy services, where they can keep an eye on what you’re doing.

But Marketscore.RelevantKnowledge doesn’t just rout your browsing through its servers.  It routes everything you do online through its servers, so that even your chats are not private.

While it claims not to give your name or information out to third parties, it does assign a unique ID to every computer onto which it installs itself.

It markets itself as something that will speed up your Internet browsing.  But does routing all of your traffic through a proxy server really make things work faster for you online?  This seems unlikely.

Marketshare can also install its own root certificates on your computer, giving the company access to SSL-secure transactions.  These certificates remain even after the software has been uninstalled.  This makes uninstalling the software on your own a risky prospect.  A non-technically oriented user is likely to either not find all certificates, or else delete the wrong ones!  For this reason, we recommend you use Spyzooka to get the privacy-invading software off of your computer.

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