Marsfind.PopupBlockade—Find and Remove Now!

Marsfind.PopupBlockade is one of many piece of software produced by that may be in danger of violating your privacy.  Many users have reported less than desirable results when they used Marsfind.Search.Helper, which has been categorized by many sites as a browser hijacker, a search hijacker, and an autorun hijacker.

(Browser hijackers will set your home page to somewhere you don’t want, or redirect you towards the software’s favorite site when you enter a competing URL.  Search hijackers fix your default search engine to one specific search engine and won’t let you change this.  Autorun hijackers start to run as soon as you turn your computer on—whether you asked them to or not!)

Marsfind.PopupBlockade may be difficult or even dangerous to remove.  We highly recommend you use ZookaWare PC Cleaner to get rid of this threat.

Marsfind.PopupBlockade file contents:
any files with “marsfind” in the file name
any files under a “marsfind” directory

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