MDS Search Booster Won’t Boost: Get Rid of It!

MDS Search Booster is a piece of spyware that claims to help you with your search patterns.  But it is actually tracking your search patterns for the purposes of collecting information about you.

MDS Search Booster may also hijack your browser.  This means that if you search for something on,, etc., it will instead redirect you to another server and send you to the search engine and/or serve up the results that it wants, instead of letting you use the search engine and get the search results that YOU want!

Microsoft Internet Explorer pop-up blockers don’t usually defend well against MDS Search Booster.  It is highly recommended you find a reliable anti-spyware program to deal with this problem.  We at this site recommend ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MDS Search Booster has in some instances been known to download with a “dialer” program.  This is a program typically used to connect to adult websites.  Dialers often create desktop icons and/or Start Menu registries that are blatantly linked to pornography.  This can cause you embarrassment and, if you are on a work computer, even cost you your job!

This software has also been reported to download bundled with a keylogger, a program that tracks every keystroke you make, every URL you type in, and every username and password  you enter!

MDS Search Booster
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