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Melkosoft pretends to be a browser helper object (BHO), but is actually annoying piece of adware.  It will perform browser and search hijacks, which means it may reset your browser home page and/or force you to use its own favored search engine, no matter where y you search from.

Melkosoft will also download and deliver pop-up ads to your computer.  This is a breach of privacy as well as system security.  (When programs download ads from unknown servers, they may also download code that, while not malicious in itself, may slow your computer down).  It may run Active-X code scripts that can slow down your computer.

This supposed BHO has also been reported on some occasions to download along with AnitivirusGold.  AntivirusGold is a piece of “rogue antispyware.”  Rogue antispyware impersonates a spyware program, but it can actually do much more harm to your computer than can Melkosoft.

Even if you can get rid of Melkosoft yourself, by deleting its associated files (be careful that you don’t delete important system files!), you may not catch other programs that have been downloaded with it.

Melkosoft can also replicate itself, and will use random file names under various directories in order to make it harder for humans to detect.

We highly recommended using an anti-spyware program like ZookaWare PC Cleaner to make sure your system gets rid of threats, and stays clean in the future.

Melkosoft file contents:

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