MSAntivirus Is Only Good For Scammers

Many of today’s scammers seem to be using a variation of the same malware to get people to pay for a program that is not only harmful to a computer, but is very difficult to get rid of. MSAntivirus is a good example of this, with all of its various names; this might be one of the most heavily used rogue software programs around.

For those of you that do not know what the term rogue software means, it is a program that pretends to be a useful software utility when in fact the only purpose is to con someone out of money. MSAntivirus is rogue software because it does not repair or remove any threats, for that matter it might add more threats, and when an infected computer is on, it will flood the screen if offers to buy the full version.

One of scammers, who use MSAntivirus, or a variation, has had their weekly revenue revealed on the Internet. In only one of the many cases, a scammer was taking in $158,000.00 dollars a week conning people with rogue software. When you consider that, there is no wonder that there seems to be more and more of these types of scams every day.

Luckily for consumers, the Federal Trade Commission is starting to go after many of the scammers behind MSAntivirus. In December of 2008 the Federal Trade Commission, along with the District Court of Maryland, froze the assets of two companies that knowingly used MSAntivirus, and other programs like it, to scam people out of millions. This might seem like a drop in the bucket considering that most of the scammers that use MSAntivirus, or other similar rogue software programs, are not even based in the United State.

What you should do if your computer ever gets infected with MSAntivirus is simple. First, make some notes on how you think the computer got infected to begin with. Then contact the Attorney General and register a complaint. If more people made formal complaints, the scammer problem would not be so rampant.

After you have a good idea how the computer got infected you should install a malware removal program to get rid of it. The problem with MSAntivirus is that it can block many of the available malware removal programs on the market. But it does not block Spyzooka, because Spyzooka is 100% guaranteed to remove programs like MSAntivirus and keep them from ever infecting a computer again.

Those of you not familiar with Spyzooka should check around and see if you can find a better malware removal program available, with a 100% guarantee. No matter how hard you look you will only find one: Spyzooka. No other software creator has enough confidence in their software. Not only does Spyzooka provide a 100% guarantee, but the team works diligently to protect the users of Spyzooka from the latest threats. So try Spyzooka today and know that everything has been done to help keep your computer save, no matter where you go on the Internet.

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