Pc Antispyware—It’s Actually Spyware

Everyone hates spyware.  It is one of the biggest problems causing computer malfunctions these days, with as much as 80% or more of computers infected.  In some cases, spyware can be harmless.  In most cases, programs like Pc Antispyware pose a high risk of damaging your computer permanently, and do exactly the opposite of what they claim—they are spyware.

At first, Pc Antispyware comes on silently through a Trojan like Zlob or Vundo.  These Trojans masquerade as a video codec through Active X.  To the average user, this means when you download a video, you may not see any detection of malware on the video from all your security settings because the Trojan hides itself in the download process.  In this case, you may be asked to verify a certificate.  Don’t do it!  It is a deceptive way to get your permission to put all kinds of malware on your computer.

Pc Antispyware is one of the many gifts that a Trojan horse may deliver to your computer.  Now you can expect the infamous pop-up to make its appearance.  I find myself amazed that this method still works.  It usually happens because security levels are set too low.  Many rogue anti-spyware programs will be cleverly disguised to look like a reputable program with similar logos, names, and screens.

Once you click on this pop-up, it will scan your computer without asking your permission—for “free.”  Little did you know, that you got more for free than you bargained for.  The first thing it does is give you a highly exaggerated number of false reports.  They will offer to remove the files for you upon purchase.  Most of these files are actually files that already existed in your system, renamed to look like spyware programs.  Deleting these files may damage your computer beyond repair.

Pc Antispyware intricately weaves its way into your system through several undetectable files and takes over your registry.  Expect to find more pop-ups from the 3rd party affiliates that they sell your information to.

Pc Antispyware doesn’t really seem to have any clever antics to make it stand out from other criminal spyware programs.  It slows your computer down, hijacks your Internet, redirects you to other websites, and constantly reports false threats.  This goes par for the course.  One unique feature Pc Antispyware offers is the ability to disable some weaker anti-spyware programs and report errors every time you try to scan.

Just remove this parasite.  Do you want to do it yourself?  No problem; you can find several tech blogs that MIGHT have a current list of all the files.  If you don’t get all of them, though, you can expect Pc Antispyware to quickly regenerate and come back to greet you another day.  This process is also timely.  For me, saving time by just getting a good program that will offer protection in the future seems to be the best answer.

No need to panic.  It can be removed—100% guaranteed.  Spyzooka stands out from the rest with a robotic system that constantly surfs the Internet finding the latest spyware updates and definitions.  A program like Pc Antispyware is no match for Spyzooka.

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