PC Protection Center 2008 Is Not Going To Protect You

When you get a security notice from PC Protection Center 2008, please just ignore it.  Ignoring this program will save you so much time and money.  PC Protection Center 2008 is a rogue anti-spyware program that will pretend to be able to locate and remove any malicious software that is on your computer.  However, it will only download its own malware onto your computer instead of helping you out.

You may get this program downloaded onto your computer through a free download that also has PC Protection Center 2008 tacked onto it.  You will be unaware of the download of PC Protection Center 2008 until you get your first security pop-up warning.  This security pop-up will do everything it can to get you to run a free scan of your computer in order to find malware that they claim is hiding in your hard drive.

Do not click on their free scan, because this scan will just trick you into wanting to purchase the full version of PC Protection Center 2008 in order to remove the malware that they claim that you have.  Even worse, this full version cannot remove any types of programs.  Your money will just be wasted on this.

The very list of corrupted programs that PC Protection Center 2008 comes up with are not even corrupted.  The list is just your temporary files.  They are there, but they are not going to hurt your computer.  This is just to get you to spend your hard earned money on nothing!

So, this is all a waste of time.  Once you see the first security pop-up, you need to get rid of PC Protection Center 2008.  The biggest danger of this program is that it can get access to your personal information.  These programs have access to your online history and can even record your key strokes.  When you are filling out online forms, buying anything online, or banking online, PC Protection Center 2008 is watching and stealing any information of yours that may make them more money.

Now, in getting rid of this program, you can try to clean out all of PC Protection Center’s files by yourself.  However, this will result in a large hunt that often ends in your defeat.  These programs are able to hide files using Trojan horses that can rename files to look like they are needed for your computer operating system.  So, even if you get most of the files off of your computer, PC Protection Center 2008 is still holding on.

This is why you need to find a credible company that can get rid of this annoying program once and for all.  ZookaWare PC Cleaner has 20,000 computer repairs under its belt and is so confident in its abilities that the company offers a 100% guarantee on services.  No more clicking on unknown programs; ask ZookaWare PC Cleaner for help, because with PC Protection Center 2008, you need it!

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