Pcprivacycleaner – The Only Thing It Cleans Is Your Wallet!

Pcprivacycleaner is one of those rogue antispyware programs that promise a lot and deliver much; much more trouble that is! Pcprivacycleaner comes to you via a trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, and installs without your knowledge or permission, and then proceeds to “scan” your computer for security threats. It’s usually well down this road by the time you either see it or become aware of it. You then are shown a long list of supposed security breaches or concerns you need to take care of immediately. These of course are fake, but they look very real, and many people have been taken in by these messages. Pcprivacycleaner then offers you a software “fix” for all these and more problems, which you can implement immediately by choosing to buy their upgrade to premium software protection. So many people, in a misguided attempt to keep their computer free from harm, whip out their credit card and buy this thing, which will then download even more spyware and adware onto their machine!

Pcprivacycleaner’s real danger lies in the latter part of that scenario, where it ushers in more dangerous software to pillage your PC. These kinds of programs can and will snoop out sensitive personal information such as banking details, credit card numbers, pin numbers and more. The loss of this kind of data is the kind of online doomsday scenario we all fear, and it is a real concern.

Once you’ve got Pcprivacycleaner on your system, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of it all by yourself. It has the ability to re-invent itself upon reboot, so even if you did what you thought was a good cleanup, chances are very good you’ll miss a few files, and be back at square one again.

The best way to deal with Pcprivacycleaner and others like it is by the use of a legitimate antispyware software solution, such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner. This one has a 100% guarantee to rid you machine of spyware, and get you back in business fast!

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