Protect Your PC Against MarketDart and Other Adware Threats

With over 90 percent of computers falling victim to spyware and adware at one time or another, it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect your PC against MarketDart and other adware threats.   You may think a few pop ups are no big deal and that may be true, at least in the beginning.  As time passes, and adware spreads, you will figure out there more is going on behind the scenes than you care to know about and before long, it will come to the surface just how much adware can affect your PC.

MarketDart redirects your searches and changes your browser settings.  This can be extremely frustrating when you are searching for a particular topic and everything but what you were looking for comes up. The adware basically downloads a text file from is server.  This file contains a list of URLs that are similar to what you are searching for, but not exactly – it’s affiliate advertisements instead.  When you attempt to perform a search, the adware redirects you to their list of URLs.

Marketdart or “ShopForGood/Marketdart” is a browser helper object or BOH, that is designed to hijack your browser and redirect you to their affiliate links.  The threat level is considered to be high, so it is crucial that you remove the software application immediately.

How Dangerous Is MarketDart?

Aside from changing your browser settings and redirecting your searches, MarketDart attempts to take control of your PC’s hard drive.  They track your online activities and send the information back to their servers.  What is most alarming is that they invade your personal space by tracking your personal information.  This can include instant message conversations, credit card numbers, and even passwords.  If you ignore adware software, it can eventually slow your PC down to a complete halt and even cause it to crash.

How Do I Get Rid of Adware?

You can do nothing and wait for the demise of your PC, or you can fight back with Spyzooka, the #1 rated anti-spyware software in the market. Spyzooka is the only software that can guarantee 100% removal of spyware, adware, and other threats on your PC.  Don’t wait for disaster to happen, get right of adware today!

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