Pushbot is a worm, which is a program that spreads itself throughout your PC without intervention of the user. Like other worms, Pushbot may spread through connected networks and emails. They will affect the performance of your computer, making it slow and possibly causing damage due to the enormous amount of system resources they use.

Pushbot may severely compromise the security of your PC, and should be removed at once. To remove Pushbot manually, you must kill all associated running processes, then detect all related files and values so that they may be deleted. Manual removal is not advised due to the risk of severe damage to your PC. To remove Pushbot automatically, it is suggested that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, which is designed for this purpose.


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  1. Malcom Davison says:

    I was on MSN, a friend sent me a link and it said something like “is this you?” then a link to facebook or something. I clicked on it and all my contacts opened and closed in quick succession.
    I asked him what it was and he said to not click on it and that it was a virus going round. Too little, Too late. After some quick research on google, I think the virus/file/whatever is called “Worm-Win32/Pushbot.NH”.
    My anti-virus is not able to delete it so I tried with SpyZooka. It found it and delete it. Thanks for the help!

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