Ramdud Adware Profile

Ramdud first appeared in September of 2004.  It is an Adware Dropper program disguised as a Browser Helper Object.  It exploits the BHO functions of Internet Explorer to infect a user’s computer and deliver unsolicited advertisements.  This way, it can bypass the firewall safety feature on most computers.  The advertisements that Ramdud delivers are in the form of pop-ups, and can contain adult related content.  It is generally considered to be out of circulation.

Ramdud alters the system32 folder to allow itself to be reinstalled after the computer is rebooted.  It is also set to run when you open your Internet Explorer browser.  The executable file (.exe) can have a randomly generated name.  These three qualities of Ramdud can make standard removal techniques more difficult.  It is highly recommended that you use a spyware removal tool such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner to clean your computer from this and other adware/spyware threats.

Also Known As:
Adware.Ramdud (PC Tools),
Adware.Ramm (McAfee),
Adware.Win32.Ramdud (Kaspersky),
Adware.Ramdud!sd5 (McAfee)

Associated Files:
hot blode sex.lnk,
possibly other randomly generated .exe file names,
SoftwareClassesClsid {00000015-a527-34e7-25c2-03a4e313b2e9},
SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBrowser Helper Objects {00000015-A527-34E7-25C2-03A4E313B2E9},
SoftwareClassesInterface {00000013-a527-34e7-25c2-03a4e313b2e9},
SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionsystem32 (altered)

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