Rapidblaster is a task that runs on Windows startup. When you are connected to the internet, it occasionally contacts its server to deliver advertisements to your PC. Rapidblaster will also download from the internet in order to install a premium rate dialer on your system that dials high-cost toll numbers that if connected get charged to your telephone bill. Rapidblaster may get installed by visiting questionable or adult websites that contain pornographic content. This may be purposely installed by the user.

These parasites are capable of installing additional malware on your PC, which can cause system performance problems and collect information concerning your online activities. To remove Rapidblaster, you may attempt to do so in the add/remove programs in your control panel, or you may choose to stop all running processes and locate related values in the registry. It is not recommended that you remove Rapidblaster manually, when incorrectly done this can lead to severe PC damage. Using a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka is the preferred action, and will remove all traces of spyware, parasites and other infections.

Rapid Blaster

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    Of course SpyZooka is the greatest antispyware software. This product is great to catch and remove potential threats to your PC. It removes easily trojans and malware.

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