Removal Instructions for SmartFixer

SmartFixer is a rogue security application that infects computers through security holes in the web browser and through Trojan horse applications. Once it has infected a user’s computer, it will use various trick to fool the user into paying for the full version of its useless program. It will use deceptive security warnings and scans that produce false results.
Allowing SmartFixer to remain on your computer will cause it to slow down. Your Internet connection will also be slowed and your browser may be hijacked. Immediate removal is definitely recommended. In order to do this manually, you should kill this process:


Relative file contents:

SmartFixer 2007.lnk
SmartFixer 2007.lnk
Delete these registry values:


Finally, delete these files:

SmartFixer 2007.lnk
SmartFixer 2007.lnk

Simply removing SmartFixer isn’t enough. It won’t remove the Trojan that originally caused the problem, so the problem could arise again. You must delete all of the malware that has infected your computer with a trustworthy antispyware program.

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  1. Harrison Lambert says:

    This antispyware protection has worked well for me. I installed it 3 months ago, and it has kept spywares from messing up my computer.
    I am happy with this spyware protection.

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