Remove TrustWarrior

TrustWarrior is a rogue security program designed to trick users into believing it can detect and remove infections and other parasites.  Once the user downloads the free scan that is offered, they will be informed that in order to remove the infected files that supposedly exist, they will have to purchase the full product.  TrustWarrior is incapable of scanning, detecting or removing anything at all and is a scam.  What TrustWarrior may do is access private information and track your online activities.  It may also install additional malware, causing your PC to become slow or unstable.  Damage to your PC may be the result of TrustWarrior as well.

Recommended Action:
Immediate Removal

Trust Warrior

Manual Removal:
To remove TrustWarrior manually, you should first stop all associated running processes.
It is then necessary to locate all related files and values in the Windows registry so that they can be deleted.  Manual removal is risky, and may cause damage to your PC if done incorrectly.  To remove TrustWarrior automatically, it is suggested that you use a reputable spyware removal program such as Spyzooka,
which is designed for this purpose.

Related Files:
TrustWarrior.exe uninstall.exe 1074hazktool7905.bin 10a89acz5oor1785.cpl 10z58s9ambo54d0.exe 52d39tea522z.cpl 52z6ba5kdoor21529.dll
5309zddwar5515.cpl TrustWarrior.lnk 1 TrustWarrior.lnk 2 Homepage.lnk 3 Uninstall.lnk xinoprpc.exe

Download Free Scan
Cyberlab runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select Cyberlab and click Uninstall.

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