Run From Andromeda Antivirus

Andromeda Antivirus is on the prowl.  This program is a rogue anti-spyware program that pretends to scan and remove malicious software (malware).  Instead of removing malware, this program will download its own malware onto your computer.

To lure you in, this program will let you know that they are detecting malware on your computer and offer you a free scan of your system.  First of all, no program can detect anything on our computer until you download it or give it access to your computer by clicking on it.  Second, please remember that this program cannot actually scan your computer.  If you click “Ok” to this free scan, you will be giving this program the access it needs to download onto your computer.  But, you will not realize this.  You will be seeing a fake scan take place on your desktop.  The graphics are created to convince you that it is scanning, and the results are a list of programs that they give to everyone.

If you clicked “Ok,” Andromeda Antivirus will then continue to warn you of these programs and new programs that they deem dangerous.  Once they are doing this, they will try to scare you into purchasing the full version of their program to remove the malware.  The program cannot remove anything—Andromeda Antivirus just wants your money.

Even if you do not buy the full version of the program, you still have their malware if you clicked to approve the scan.  This malware can then log your key strokes to lift your credit card information and use this to make more money off of you.  This is the real danger of malware.  However, your computer will also slow from the repeated false security warnings.

So, now that you are aware that Andromeda Antivirus is a scam and dangerous to you and your computer, you need to go about removing it.  You can try to remove it yourself, but this often does not work.

If you go through and try to delete the programs files one by one, you will most likely miss one.  Andromeda Antivirus wants to hang around as long as it can.  It is able to cling to your computer through the Trojan horses that they use in their program.  Trojan horses are able to hide using temporary files that are labeled to look like normal files that your operating system needs to run.  So, even if you get most of the files, some will remain.

In order to ensure the removal of this malware, you need to seek help from someone that knows how to get ride of it completely.  Spyzooka is a company that offers a 100% guarantee on their services for getting rid of their customers’ malware.  With this kind of expertise in their field, Spyzooka can make sure that you and your computer are clear of all malware.  This will save you time and money, along with the heartache of having your identity stolen by something like Andromeda Antivirus.  Also, remember that these programs that scare you into believing that your computer is at risk may have ulterior motives.

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