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Spyzooka has seen it all since the beginning of rogue anti-spyware programs.  The evolution of these programs is unpredictable.  The only factor that really seems predictable is the intention to take private information and financial resources for their own profit without providing an anti-spyware program in return.

There are some programs that are so obviously bogus that you almost want to laugh when you really look at them.  There are obvious grammatical and syntactic errors that a reputable business would not overlook.  The thing is that these programs rely on the fear factor.  Once you see that warning of infection, the average user will go into panic mode.  Clicking on the free scan is an easy mistake.

In other cases, these programs look so real that you are swept away before you even know it.  Kvm Secure tends to look more like the real thing.   Some people may come across the warning of infection and just assume that it is the security program that they already have installed.  Before you know it, you are getting the free scan without it even asking your permission.  Presto—you have now installed rogue anti-spyware on your computer!

You can expect this program to start up every time you start Windows.  It will run in the background, monitoring all of your activity and badgering you with pop-ups of false or exaggerated threats.  Your arm will be twisted until you get so fed up or scared that you either buy or remove it.

Kvm Secure really hit the nail on the head by capitalizing on the KVM aspect.  KVM stands for Keyboard-Video-Mouse.  This is either a switch or remote device that will control one or more computers from a single keyboard, video monitor, or mouse.  It was originally intended to offer convenience to a user that needed to access files on another computer system.

Essentially, this program does not provide security from KVM remote devices—it is a KVM remote device that you don’t want.  This piece of software can monitor every move you make.  It can even hijack your Internet browser and redirect you to more websites containing additional malware.

Most anti-spyware programs will remove 60-70% of rogue anti-spyware programs.  This seems to be the reason that people will run to anti-spyware programs and still not get reliable results.  The files are so well hidden that definitions and updates can be easily overlooked.   Leaving just one file will guarantee that this program will regenerate.   Manual removal is possible,  but it doesn’t offer future protection, and it is also very dangerous.  The chances of deleting a file that you need in your registry are high and could result in permanent physical damage to your computer.

You need a program that guarantees 100% removal of tough programs like Kvm Secure within 24 hours.  Spyzooka has risen to the onslaught of these parasites time and time again, free from human error with our robot that continually surfs the Internet for new spyware, updates, and definitions.

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