Saristar is an adult web dialer that connects to high-cost toll numbers through your PC’s modem. If successfully connected, these costs get charged to your telephone bill. Saristar commonly becomes installed on your computer through visiting questionable or adult websites, either purposely or by accident. Saristar may cause poor system performance, or may cause your PC to become unstable. It may also place additional malware on your computer, which will cause it to run slowly due to the system resources and memory these applications use. Information may be collected about your online activities, as well as personal data.

Saristar may disable security settings, and modify system files. It is a high threat risk that should be removed once detected. To manually remove Saristar, you may try to locate it in your add/remove programs in your control panel. Otherwise, you will need to locate all related files in your registry and delete them. Manual removal is not advised due to the difficulty level. To remove Saristar and other parasites so that complete security is restored, it is recommended that you use a legitimate antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, the only one guaranteed to remove all traces of infection with one scan.

Saristar Adult Dialer

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