Secure Expert Cleaner Will Only Clean Out Your Wallet

We all want to clean up our hard drives once in a while, but you do not want Secure Expert Cleaner to do this for you.  Secure Expert Cleaner is a rogue anti-spyware program that looks like it is a valid security program, but is actually the malicious software, or malware, that you want to stay away from.

This program is convincing and looks like it would be helpful.  However, this is all too deceiving.  Secure Expert Cleaner often makes its way onto your computer through sneaky methods such as through a software download of another program.  So, you will be unaware of its download initially, until you see the pop-up advising you to scan your computer for dangerous software.  Some may believe that this security alert is coming from their computer’s operating system or some other reputable source.  The graphics are great and the verbiage used is very intimidating to scare you into believing their claims.

Secure Expert Cleaner will offer you a system scan, and the results will always be scary.  This program, like many others of its type, will list a group of your temporary files as being damaging to your hard drive.  This will persuade you to purchase the full version that can allegedly remove the software that is a danger.  However, Secure Expert Cleaner cannot effectively scan or remove any type of software, so the money you spend is just a bonus for the makers of Secure Expert Cleaner.  This may also keep you thinking that your computer is free of problems.

However, whether you purchase their full version or not, you will notice that your computer has trouble keeping up with what it used to do.  Secure Expert Cleaner will have several files that are in use that will take up your computer memory.  Also, you will be flooded with pop-up ads that will also take up your computers ability to have its normal speed.  Even worse, your own personal information is at risk here.

Secure Expert Cleaner will clean out your wallet if you are not careful!  This program has the potential to record and send your personal information.  This includes your online history and even your credit card information if you make a purchase online or do any kind of online banking.

It is in your best interests to remove Secure Expert Cleaner immediately.  You can try to do it yourself, but often this is not only time consuming, but ineffective.  Because this malware uses Trojan horses to hide in your computer system, it is difficult to get every last file that the program has hidden.  This is why you need someone you can trust.  Check out the industry recommendations for ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  You need to find a company that stands behind their work, and with their 100% removal guarantee, ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the right choice.  Get rid of this pesky program and stop worrying about what Secure Expert Cleaner is stealing from you and your computer.

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