Should Security Iguard be Trusted?

Spyware – do you know what it is and what it can do to your pc and personal information? If you do, you know that you need reliable anti-spyware software to remove it before it causes real damage. Security Iguard is definitely not a program you want to use. It is a rogue software program that hijacks user’s browsers and advertises aggressively. Need to know more about spyware and what you should do if you find that you have it? Read on.

Spyware finds its way onto your computer usually through surfing or downloading files. You won’t know it is there until you start seeing the symptoms. What are they? Here are a few to look for:

Sluggish computer performance
Freezing of windows
Aggressive pop-up ads
Home page suddenly changes

There are a few other symptoms, but these are the ones you will probably notice first.

What can spyware do? It tracks your movements when you are online, so it knows what types of sites you are visiting. Sometimes, the pop-up ads you begin getting will be related to searches you have performed. It can also get personal information about any business you do online, such as banking, credit card, and other account numbers. Your email and other passwords are also at risk.

Criminals make these rogue anti-spyware programs to try to fool you into purchasing their products to protect your pc and your identity. They don’t work, and you will lose your money. Never download or click on advertisements and pop-ups – doing so can cause many problems.

Now, in order to remedy the problem you need to use a good anti-spyware program. There are many fake software programs out there such as Security Iguard that will cause you more harm than good, and take your money. These programs usually start advertising very aggressively, popping up constantly. They inform you that you have trojans, viruses and other threats, and that you need to download their software to cure the problem. They try to “scare” you into thinking your computer is infected, when many times it isn’t. Rogue anti-spyware programs like these will take your money, and you will get nothing in return.

What should you do to be certain that you choose good quality software? Make sure that it has a good reputation, and is highly recommended. Many times you will need to purchase more than one program, because the first one cannot completely remove the spyware. The second may complete the job, or it may not.

The best thing you can do is use a software program that is guaranteed to remove spyware with the first scan, such as Spyzooka. This program has the best reputation of all of the anti-spyware programs, and is highly regarded by all who have used it. It is superior to any other software programs you will find for removing all traces of viruses and parasites. Should Security Iguard even be considered? Definitely not!

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