Should You Trust AntiSpyware Protector?

You already know that there are many rogue software programs that are out to take your money. Let me tell you about another one – AntiSpyware Protector. This clone of Spyware Protector wants to accomplish one thing, which is taking your money. If you get this fraud installed on your pc, I recommend you get it off as soon as possible. To the average pc user it looks very convincing.

If you aren’t real clear about what spyware is, let me explain. Then you will understand why it needs to be removed, but not with fakes such as AntiSpyware Protector. Spyware is software that gets placed on your computer, usually through other programs you innocently download. Some programs that commonly cause this problem are freeware, weather and online computer games.

Will you know if you have it? Definitely, Spyware has many symptoms, and is capable of causing lots of problems. You will get bombarded with annoying pop-up ads, your homepage may change, and more than likely your pc will become slow. The pop-up and banner ads will often be related to topics you have searched for online. How can this be? It spies on your activities, and sends this information back to third parties. They then send all the annoying ads, hoping you will click on one and make a purchase.

Are there any dangers associated with spyware? Absolutely! I have known of instances where people actually lost their identity. These malicious software programs can get hold of your passwords, credit card information, and other online business accounts you may have. This is another reason I urge you to get rid of it immediately. If the software is highly threatening, it can corrupt your files and cause your system to crash.

Now, as we were talking about before, you don’t want to use a fake anti-spyware product such as AntiSpyware Protector. These programs will display alerts to you, warning that your computer is infected with all sorts of threats, viruses and trojans. Many times, your computer doesn’t have any infections whatsoever. These fakes attempt to frighten you and convince you to download their software to remedy the problem. Once you do, they will then tell you that to rid your pc of the threats, you must purchase the fully licensed version. It is total hogwash!

An authentic anti-spyware product will scan your pc for viruses, worms, trojans and other parasites. It will then remove them and restore security to your computer. The biggest problem with most of these products is that they just aren’t effective enough to totally remove all threats. Many can remove up to 90% of the infections, but this doesn’t solve your problem.

What do I recommend? Spyzooka. Plain and simple, this is the only anti-spyware product that guarantees 100% removal of all infections with one simple scan. Your pc and your personal information will once again be secure and protected. And you can save your sanity by getting rid of those annoying pop-up ads!

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Cyberlab runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select Cyberlab and click Uninstall.

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