Smartantivirus2009 Is Trouble

If you have downloaded smartantivirus2009 you will need some help getting rid of it. This rogue antispyware program is staged as a helpful program, but will actually create problems for you.

Malware, or malicious software, like smart antivirus 2009 will entice you to run a free scan to find any problems that may be hiding in your computer. However, they are also allowing themselves access to your computer to download their Trojan horses onto your hard drive.

Let’s start from the beginning. You are surfing the internet, and suddenly you get an alert from the smartantivirus2009 warning you that your computer may be infected with some dangerous programs and that they can offer you a free scan to check for any problems. You click ok to the free scan, just wanting to see the results. The free scan comes up with so many problems. But, smartantivirus2009 offers to get rid of them for a small fee to get their full version.

Before you even buy the full version, you have already been infected. Malware cannot install itself on your computer without your allowing them access. This clicking to agree to the free scan allows them this access.

Instead of actually scanning your hard drive, the program is actually installing itself onto your computer. However, you are unaware of all of this. has engineered their program to look very familiar to you so that you are more trusting to their offer of a free scan and their full version. So, their scan is completely fabricated but meant to look completely authentic and is very convincing. They will present you with several problems and look like the hero for letting you know about the infections that you didn’t even know you had.

Unfortunately, these programs are not the hero you are looking for. You were fine from the start but now, your real problem here is that Trojan horses are creating temporary files meant to look like essential parts of your computer and are hiding from you. Meanwhile, these files are allowing the creators of this program to lift very personal information about you. They are able to lift your credit card information if you are making an online purchase and can access the content on your computer.

So, whether you bought the full version, you are most likely giving them a profit anyways. They are able to illegally use your information for whatever they want. And, because the files are scattered, hidden, temporary, and ever-changing, it can be very difficult for you to get rid of them.

Now it is time to call in the professionals. Malware like this is, unfortunately, becoming fairly common. So, there are companies that have the expert knowledge to get rid of these tricky programs. Spyzooka is a great company that has this knowledge and the experience to back them up. Even better, their 100% guarantee will calm your nerves about trusting anyone again with your computer.

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