Spydevastator Will Devastate Your Computer and You

When spydevastator urges you to scan your computer for the malware (malicious software) that is suspects that you have on your hard drive, just say no! If you have not noticed any problems with your computer, or even if you are paranoid, do not let these popup ads tempt you. When you see the pop up ads that say that you just won free money, you are skeptical. You should react the same way with the spydevastator. And, this time you will not just be roped into a marketing scam, you will be installing malware onto your computer without even knowing it. This program will start infecting your computer the second you click ok to the initial scan. After the scan begins, you will be given a fake results page and urged to spend more money on the full version to get rid of the malware that it found.

This is such a farce. With the many, many hours we spend on the internet and on our computers, we think we know a lot about how they work. However, there is always someone one step ahead of us trying to find an easy way to make money. This is what spydevastator.com is doing. With their fake scan results scaring computer users, spy devastator is easily infecting so many computers with their programs used to lift important information off of your desktop. These Trojan horses that the program uses will let the company access all of your confidential data for their own personal gain. You will also most likely also be hit with many pop up ads and websites you have never heard of. Not to mention the slow speed of your computer after this scan is done.

This coercion to buy their full version of the program is easy after the initial scan. You are now so desperate to get rid of any malware on your computer that you will pay to have them taken off. But, things just get worse because you are now giving them the money to register and your problems have just begun.

If this has not happened to you yet then remember that these programs cannot install themselves without you clicking on something that triggers it. So, when you run across something like this, do not click on them. This may sound easier than it actually is because some are able to appear as regular windows software and trick you into clicking on the wrong place which will start the downloading. Similar to the pop up ads that have you click on the ok button and then you are taken to another website, spydevastator can be just as elusive.

Spydevastator.com is the enemy. Finding programs such as Spyzooka can be your savior. Spyzooka guarantees the removal of such problems and will never give you a fake scan. When you see their 100% guarantee, you will understand the dedication of this company to combat the malware that is out there.

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Cyberlab runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It has no ads, popups or bundled software and fully uninstalls by clicking Start > All Programs > select Cyberlab and click Uninstall.

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