Spyware Profile for CrackedEarth

CrackedEarth is another hijacker that will wreak havoc on your computer.  CrackedEarth will usurp your search pages and will also take the opportunity to change your settings and change your Internet Explorer default home pages.
CrackedEarth also has the ability to install an additional toolbar and add numerous bookmarks to the web browser’s Favorites list. This is all without your permission, and often without your knowledge.  CrackedEarth is distributed using ActiveX drive-by downloads and therefore can get into the system while browsing through some unsafe web sites.
CrackedEarth will not do anything useful for your computer.  In fact, it will slow it down and make it difficult for it to function optimally.  It is highly recommended that you remove this spyware with ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

Also Known As:
Cracked Earth

Associated Files:
cglbar.dll, cglbar.exe

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3 Responses

  1. Gina Freed says:

    It all started when all of a sudden I begin to get pop ups. one said “Security Alert: Spyware Found Your computer is infected with the last version of Cracked Earth”. I tried to remove it by myself. It was impossible. I had to download SpyZooka, because nothing helped. It removed it and I’m happy about it.

  2. Tommy says:

    I had no idea that my computer is infected with CrackedEarth. This virus infected the system and started hijacking Internet Explorer. It can be a real pain.

  3. Kieran Metcalfe says:

    I have had an horrible time with this CrackedEarth. My son told me that he used SpyZooka I had to type it into Google to get to this page. CrackedEarth is gone and I am glad that I found such a good anti-spyware!

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