Spyware Profile for Crush Dialer

The Crush Dialer malware is responsible for making unwanted changes to a computer’s modem settings. These new dial-up settings are then utilized to allow multiple attempts in connecting to a high cost phone number. This may be a pornographic pay number, or even an international number, but the connection is used to download adult content to the computer’s hard drive.

Crush Dialer can manage these undesired activities without the knowledge of the computer user… but it cannot manage an attack from a good anti-spyware program, which eliminates it from the computer! One of the finest examples of this type of system is the ZookaWare PC Cleaner program from ZookaWare. It offers guaranteed identification and removal of dialers like Crush Dialer, and other types of malware, as well.

Spyware Name:
Crush Dialer

Also Known As:

Spyware Type:
Porn Dialer

Associated Files:

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  1. Matthew Scott says:

    SpyZooka has one of the best detections I’ve ever seen, it even picked up spyware that others missed! Overall great anti-spyware and very easy to use.

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