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Joleee is a major pest. It comes from a family of Email Worms and it distributes itself through spam emails. It is downloaded and executed when you open an email attached with this worm in it. It will send itself to all the contacts in your email system. This is annoying at best and at worst it will compromise the function of your computer system. It is necessary to remove this as soon as possible.
In order to make sure your computer is working the way it should, you can remove Joleee with ZookaWare PC Cleaner. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is a spyware remover that is so effective that Joleee can be removed with one scan.
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  1. Dorian Stacey says:

    It seems that my email on yahoo has been infected by the Win32.Joleee worm detected by Kaspersky anti virus. The worm is sending many spam emails to email-id in my infected yahoo account. And also there are many spam emails which are getting delivered to my Inbox rather than the Spam folder.
    I get out of it only after downloading Joleee Remover. I have to recognize that I belived this is a virus too, but I had no alternative.

  2. Demi Evans says:

    The first time I ran SpyZooka it found three pieces of spyware that my old antispyware had routinely missed for several weeks. I feel much more secure having SpyZooka on the job for me!

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