Spyware Profile for KeyHost

KeyHost, is an adware browser hijacker.  This hijacker will redirect your browser to the page www.jraun.com.  Keyhost also has the ability to do surveillance on your computer and gather personal information about you.  It runs silently and will record every key stroke.
This pernicious spyware can record vital and sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, personal identification numbers, etc.
KeyHost is definitely not something you want to have on your computer.  Do not try to remove this spyware manually, but instead use a trusted anti-spyware program such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner.

Also Known As:
Key host, Key Logger.Keyhost, Keyhost.Key Logger,
remove Keyhost, remove Key Logger.Keyhost, remove Keyhost.Key Logger,
Keyhost removal, Key Logger.Keyhost removal, Keyhost.Key Logger removal,
Keyhost removal tool, Key Logger.Keyhost removal tool,
Keyhost.Key Logger removal tool, [Panda] adware/PopMonster

Spyware Type: Hijacker

Associated Files: No associated files currently

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