Spyware Profile for Ntsearch

NTSearch is an aggressive hijacker.  It will take over your browser settings and redirect you to sites without your permission.  This persistent malware will wreak havoc on your computer.  NTSearch will change your search queries and send you to their sponsored sites.
NTSearch surreptitiously is installed through holes in Internet Explorer.  It will methodically degrade the performance of your browser and eventually your entire PC.  It is extremely important that you remove this malware from your computer as soon as possible.  It is possible to get rid of this problem.  However, you must enlist the help of a trust anti-spyware system such as ZookaWare PC Cleaner.  They have the experience and expertise to rid you of your malware problems.

Also Known As:
Nt Search

Associated Files:
sp.exe, winbas12.exe

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4 Responses

  1. Harry Nosed says:

    Ntsearch is really annoying. I was unable to use the internet… So I downloaded SpyZooka from another computer and install it to my computer. It remove it in a minute.
    It is amazing!

  2. Victor Fanley says:

    A friend told me about bluepenguinsoftware, so I wanted to give it a try. Finding Spyzooka, I ran a full scan, and the reason I installed the upgrade is because it found a lot of infections that my antivirus didn’t found. Thanks!

  3. Jim Page says:

    Ntsearch invaded my computer and it was very inconvenient. It is great that SpyZooka helped me to get rid of this virus. Thank you very much!

  4. Louie Norton says:

    I also got this Ntsearch yesterday when I clicked on a link to get a birthday e card from a friend. Inadvertently, I clicked on the icon on the screen and Ntsearch came up and I immediately shut everything down, then I downloaded SpyZooka and Ntsearch was removed.
    I’ll keep SpyZooka to protect my computer from now on..

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