Spyware Profile for Qttask

Qttask is a hijacker and will take over your browser.  It has the capability of changing your Internet settings so the next time you try to log in onto your homepage you will be directed somewhere else.
Qttask is also able to change your search queries and send you to sites that you did not request.  It can monitor other applications, as well.  Qttask is installed onto your computer without your knowledge and without your permission.  Qttask is not helpful and will do more harm than good to your PC.  There is an antidote to this spyware problem, and it is Spyzooka.  Try this anti-spyware program to fix your malware problems.

Associated Files:
tiltmeo.dll, 512686.dll, ts.ico,
qttasku.exe, qttaskm.exe, ot.ico,
myv.ico, myp.ico, mym.ico,
myd.ico, hpmun.exe, hpmun.dll,
hpmon.exe, hpmom.exe,
browseul.dll, browseu.exe,
uninst.exe, AvirTrWarning.dll,
AvirTr.exe, AntivirusTriggerBin.exe,

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2 Responses

  1. Daniella Keys says:

    Qttask made lots of changes in the Windows startup settings, modified my antivirus settings and turned off security firewall. I couldn’t scan my computer or change any settings. I couldn’t search for answers on internet because it always get me to some other pages.
    I had to download this tool from other computer and it is finally gone now. Thanks for the huge help!

  2. Kiera Chapman says:

    I got the Qttask gone and luckily I didn’t have to reformat or throw the computer out. Thank you SpyZooka!
    All I can say is I am glad that I stumbled upon this great software!

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