Spyware Profile for Tongbot

Tongbot is a backdoor program that has Trojan capabilities. It will enter your system under false pretenses. It will act as if it is a legitimate and useful file but it is actually spyware. Tongbot will also turn off your anti-virus spyware and other security software. This is quite dangerous as it will leave your computer open to receiving additional malware. Tongbot will add insult to injury by then allowing a hacker to enter and the hacker will work at stealing all of your confidential information. These programs are quite dangerous and should be removed.

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Also Known As:
Tong Bot

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
tdongsdbot v1.02b.exe,
-ª++ªn+À-ª+ÿ.txt, irccommamd.txt,
tdongsdbot v1.02b.exe.

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