ZookaWare PC Cleaner Can Be Your Guard From Winiguard

As computer users, most of us take our internet browsing for granted. We assume that it’s safe to log onto any website and give them all of our personal information and they’ll keep it safe for us. Unfortunately those naïve days are over. We have to be very vigilant about protecting our computer from invaders who are on a mission to collect as much personal data from us as possible. We’ve entered a new generation of technology where anything is possible and sky’s the limit thanks to the internet. Malicious software can spread like wild fire to the unknowing and cost the innocent not only the expense of fixing their computer, but even possibly identity theft.

Winiguard is anything but a guard for your computer, it’s more like a thief. It will install itself automatically onto your computer just by you clicking on a pop up advertisement that links back to their website. In some cases it may never require your permission to download onto your computer, this will just happen in the background without you ever knowing it. This malicious program can forward your credit card information, username and passwords and any other personal data to all of its hackers that are a part of this scheme. In addition, it will monitor your browsing activity and present annoying pop ups in advertisements to you. Your internet browsing experience will never be the same after Winiguard leaves its mark on your computer. Winiguard has also been known to spam all of your email contacts, news groups and chat rooms with infected files that will put Winiguard on their computer also.

You will know that Winiguard has invaded your computer when you notice that your computer settings are not how you last left them. Your desktop toolbar, wallpaper and shortcuts may look strange. Also, you may notice increasingly slow performance while browsing the web or your browser may just shut down randomly. You can see the blue screen of death at random because of missing important files. And your computer’s performance overall may be very slow.

If your computer appears to have any of the symptoms of Winiguard you can take steps to remove it yourself. Here are some steps you can follow:
Kill Processes:
Unregister DLLs:
Delete Files:
%PROGRAM_FILES%\\Innovagest 2000 SL\\WiniGuard\\logaes.dll %PROGRAM_FILES%\\Innovagest 2000 SL\\WiniGuard\\WiniGuard.exe winiguard_installer.exe

These instructions can seem like a foreign language to the lay-person who doesn’t really understand the inner workings of their computer. It’s always best to go with an antispyware you trust so that you don’t have to worry about which files to delete or if you accidentally delete an important one. One program you can trust is ZookaWare PC Cleaner. Unlike most of the antispyware programs available today ZookaWare PC Cleaner will remove every unwanted program from your computer. And if this doesn’t automatically happen with their tools then they will send it to their in house programmers to fix it for you within 24 hours. Now how many of their competitors can say they will do that?

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