Spyzooka Finds Adware Finder Before It Finds You

Spyzooka has seen it all when it comes to corrupt anti-spyware programs. Adware Finder is an invention of an infamous spyware and adware distributor called engageMARKETING. It is a free program that could be potentially harmful. Adware Finder’s main purpose is to track your browsing habits, so the marketers can sell your information to 3rd party advertisers.

If you have downloaded Adware Finder, the file is not that big. The file scan runs for a couple hours scanning the same files over and over again. Then it will name a list of corrupt files that aren’t really corrupt. It will ask you to remove them, and if the program happens to be successful in the removal, you will probably be removing something that is necessary for the Windows operating system to function.

There is no database that comes with this program. The files are all in plain text. A toolbar called AdFinder Toolbar comes bundled with the program. This is where the real danger comes in since it is used to track all of your browsing habits. If any of their 3rd party advertisers find your information useful, you may find inappropriate pop-ups, unwanted search results, and basically more and more spyware.

There are many anti-spyware programs out there that actually work, but they don’t get everything. The system is not updated on a regular basis, so it is common for spyware to regenerate over and over again. Don’t fall for the myth that you need to run more than one anti-spyware program to get rid of everything. This just means that you don’t have a very good program.

Spyzooka can help eliminate Adware Finder in its entirety. With the technology of a robot that scours the internet 24/7, we are able to keep up with all the latest trends in malware. We are so confident in our product, that we even offer a 24 hour removal guarantee. For just $29.95, you can surf the net with peace of mind.

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