Spyzooka Indentifies Tactics of Ashlt Spyware

Spyzooka knows the best thing to say about Ashlt is remove it. You never want spyware on your computer, and there really is no arguing that Ashlt could be used for any other purpose besides spyware.

Some people like to say that Ashlt downloads without your permission through security holes in your computer. This may be true some of the time, but more often you do give permission for the download. Think about common places to get spyware such as adult content, peer to peer file sharing communities, free software, and shareware. You usually have to check that terms and agreements box right? Well, look for keywords such as “cookies” or “adware” or “third party”. Don’t just breeze over these agreements because these keywords are a backwards way of saying malware.

After the spyware is downloaded, you may notice that some of your security settings are disabled. Your computer will seem to run slowly, and your hard drive is still running even when you don’t have any programs on. This means something unknown is running in the background constantly. Another thing to look out for is on your toolbar, does your icon for online start to flash even when you aren’t online? This will be because spyware is updating without your permission.

Spyware constantly updates the files, so they can fly under the radar of inadequate anti-spyware programs. At Spyzooka, we have a robot running around the clock looking for new malware, updates, and definitions. We are able to get the bugs before they get you. We even back it up with a 24 hour removal guarantee. If the program has regenerated or you are still noticing pop-ups, browser hijacking, or unwanted add ons, all you have to do is upload the scan results, and customer service will return the appropriate update within 24 hours.

If you think that you have downloaded Ashlt while you were online, try our free scan. We don’t use scare tactics to try to get you to buy our program by listing an excessive number of threats.

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