Spyzooka Thwarts Yokbar

Yokbar is the latest trend in rogue anti-spyware technology. At Spyzooka, we were not impressed with some of the tactics they used. Yokbar puts on a convincing act. If you crossed paths with this seemingly innocent trackware, think twice or remove it immediately.

Yokbar originates out of China, the capital of rogue anti-spyware programs. This program has an interesting twist because it is offered for as low as $20. The program is actually a tracking toolbar. The selling point is that everything you do online is immediately reported back to the server. That would be enough to send me running. This is an unnecessary invasion of your privacy.

They say the trackware is necessary, so they can detect spyware on one computer and save all the rest of the computers that use their program. Every scan is saved and sent back to the server. Wow! What a deal! They find out the latest threat after it hits your computer. At Spyzooka, we believe that our robot technology that scours the Internet 24/7 looking for updates, definitions, and new malware, will catch any problems before you do. We are free of human error.

Not only does this program not protect you from any spyware, but you give permission to some unknown person to constantly scan your registry and running processes. What they are doing with this is unknown. Usually, the information is sold to 3rd parties that may use it for spamming purposes or even worse credit and identity theft.

Do you really want to purchase a program that is quietly running in the background all the time? Yokbar does more harm than it does good. If you are thinking about purchasing anti-spyware, do your research.

After you figure out which programs are real, you have to figure out which programs really work. Spyzooka offers a 24 hour removal guarantee of programs like Yokbar because we are confident in our product. If you don’t get rid of the problem on the first try, simply send us the scan and hear back from us immediately with an update.

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