Stickypops Gives You Pop Ups and More

Stickypops is an adware program released by Hijacker last year. It has undergone some revisions since then, not that it matters to ZookaWare PC Cleaner users. It’s a complex program that has browser hijacking and pop up functions.

Stickypops comes as part of a bundle with some freeware programs. It needs to be manually installed, so it often comes with a Trojan Downloader program to assist with that part. It’s sometimes also known as DNSProxy.

The Browser Hijacker function of Stickypops will hide on your computer as a browser helper object, or BHO. These are often toolbars or other add-ons to your browser.

Some versions of Stickypops will install a process named DNSProxy that provides a message that says “DSN cashing Error” which interferes with your browsing experience.

Stickypops as a Browser Hijacker is intended to take over control of your browser. It will redirect it to sites of its own choosing. These sites are routinely advertisements about products they’re promoting.

Stickypops also has a Trojan Dropper function. This is the pop up generator application. Because it’s disguised as a BHO, it is able to provide these popups in spite of your pop up blocker’s settings.

The pop ups from Stickypops have random content. While this may be typically benign, and at least your files aren’t being rifled through, it can be embarrassing. One of the favorite subjects of popups is, after all, adult content.

While manual removal instructions exist for Stickypops, they don’t come recommended. First of all, there is a legitimate .dll file called DNSProxy, and if you don’t know what to remove, you may damage your computer. Also, there’s no sure way of knowing if manual removal instructions work safely and effectively.

The only truly safe way of removing Stickypops is to use an effective antispyware program. This is something else you should be careful about. Quality among these programs varies widely and let’s not forget that Stickypops is a fairly new adware.

The program that you can truly trust to kill Stickypops is ZookaWare PC Cleaner. Our 100% removal guarantee is backed by reputable companies and our cutting edge updating techniques.

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