SuperJuan: A Vundo by Any Other Name…

The tendency for many spyware programs to take on different names is almost amusing. SuperJuan is one major example. It’s known also by a more notorious name: Vundo.

SuperJuan as Vundo was once a particularly hard to kill spyware program. Many tools were released specifically to remove it. Now with ZookaWare PC Cleaner, there is no need to get these bug specific programs.

The reason these specific programs were created to get rid of SuperJuan is that most of the antispyware programs at the time were unprepared for spywares that reinstalled themselves on reboot.

They way a person typically gets infected by SuperJuan is by clicking a link in a spammed email. This takes you to the website where you get infected. It targets Internet Explorer, so if you’re using Firefox, you may notice Internet Explorer opening when you click the link.

SuperJuan is a kind of combination spyware program. That is, it has both a Trojan Downloader and a Trojan Dropper function. You get a double whammy.

The Trojan Downloader function, the part that can properly be called Vundo, is a means for SuperJuan to bypass your security tools. It opens a channel for the rest of the spyware to sneak through.

The Trojan Dropper part of SuperJuan is the visually irritating pop up advertising. It interferes with your browsing experience, and it can often be an embarrassment with coworkers and family.

Of course, with all this activity going on, SuperJuan uses a great deal of your virtual memory. This causes everything to run slower. Your programs will take longer to open and process your requests. Some of your larger programs, like your Internet browsers, will probably crash and leave you error messages.

Naturally, you don’t want to have SuperJuan on your computer. I highly suggest ZookaWare PC Cleaner to remove it. With ZookaWare PC Cleaner, you will never be caught unprotected like you would with the other programs. They wait for their customers to get infected. We go out looking for spyware. Who are you going to trust?

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  1. how to remove a trojan virus says:

    Love your post! Look out for something that pops up off a site, antispyare pops are usually spyware as well!

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