SystemAntivirus Will Destroy Your System

There are a lot of fraudulent security applications that can infect your computer. One of these programs is named SystemAntivirus. If your computer gets infected by this program, then you need help removing it. Leaving SystemAntivirus on your computer will ultimately result in the destruction of your computer.

Like most fake security programs, SystemAntivirus usually infects your computer through a Trojan horse that is already infecting your computer. This means that SystemAntivirus is secretly downloaded without your knowledge or consent. Because SystemAntivirus is downloaded by a malicious program, you should not trust it at all.

Once installed on your computer, SystemAntivirus will start to give you pop up messages. These are usually disguised as system warnings. These messages from SystemAntivirus tell you that your computer is infected with a bunch of malware. Then they prompt you to scan your computer with SystemAntivirus.

If you go along with SystemAntivirus and let it scan your computer, then it will most definitely tell you that your computer is infected. But on top of its report, which will be over exaggerated, SystemAntivirus will tell you that the only way to remove these threats is to purchase and register the full version of SystemAntivirus.

SystemAntivirus will use these and other scare tactics as an attempt to frighten you into using their product. This kind of behavior should not be acceptable. Creating fraudulent reports of spyware infections is just going too far.

If you were to buy the full version of SystemAntivirus, then your computer would be in serious danger. SystemAntivirus is not a real antivirus program and it offers no protection whatsoever. There are only two reasons that SystemAntivirus exists and one of those reasons is just to steal your money.

Once SystemAntivirus has your money, it will also have your credit card information. So, if you have been hit by the SystemAntivirus scam, then you should check your credit cards for any suspicious activities.

The other reason that SystemAntivirus exists is simply to destroy your computer. Once the full version of SystemAntivirus is on your computer, it will further infect your computer by downloading more Trojans and malware programs. These programs will slowly wear away at your system and eventually cause it to crash.

Removing SystemAntivirus is a complicated process. But even if you were to remove SystemAntivirus, you would still have a huge infestation of other malware programs. Therefore, manual removal should take a backseat and the use of an authentic antispyware program should take priority.

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