Take the BHO.aip Adware Test

With all of the resources available on the internet and all the conflicting information about spyware/adware, how do you know what’s true or false. Well, take the BHO.aip adware test to see how much you really know about adware.

Will Adware Will Harm Your Computer?

Adware was really designed to benefit the users who installed it. It sounds a bit silly, but the goal of adware is to 1. Decrease advertising expenses from advertising groups, and 2. To promote targeted ads users would consider relevant to their searches. That doesn’t sound harmful at all, but just like everything else, some people have to mess everything up, and that’s where the creators began to make adware that causes harm to your computer.

Does Adware Install Itself Automatically?

Many people wonder how they got adware on their computer to begin with, they never clicked anything suspicious – or so they thought. Believe or not, many people actually give permission to have adware installed on their computers. This is because adware is usually attached to free program bundles that you download. When you click the “I agree to the terms,” button, that’s giving them the okay, to install adware. The next time you decide to download a free program, or any program for that matter, read the user agreement in its entirety. Many people skip this because of the small print, but that’s where you open the door for adware.

Does Adware Track All of Your Online Activity?

This is true and false. Adware has been adapted over time to become spyware. This is what is used to track what you do on your computer. The truth is that adware was not initially created to have anything to do with tracking.

Do Free Anti-Spyware Programs Work Just As Well as Paid Programs?

Of course, the free spyware removal programs want you to believe that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but this is not true. Although there are some very good free programs available, you want to purchase a spyware removal program from a trusted source and one that guarantees COMPLETE removal. Most of the free programs just cannot make that claim.

So how did you do? Are you as knowledgeable as you thought you were? If you’re really smart, you’ll get a copy of the most trusted spyware removal program and rid yourself of adware 100%.

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