Tatss Information

Tatss is malicious adware software that normally comes bundled with free downloads.  This could be in the form of music or software, and is mostly associated with sites like KaZaa and Morpheus or other free file sharing websites.

The program is designed to display annoying pop-up advertisements, but it also has the capability to hijack your web browser and redirect your search results.

Delfin Media viewer is the culprit here, as Tatss comes bundled with this software.  Once the software is installed on your PC, Delfin will download more adware as well as collect and distribute any personal information that they can collect.

Tatss is difficult to find because it is hidden from the user and it stays resident behind the scenes of your PC.  Tatss targets Windows 2000, 95, 98, Me, NT, and XP platforms.

Some threats can use tatss.exe-1f70ec22.pf to send you unwanted pop-up advertisements or store certain configuration settings.  Other variations of this adware will attempt to corrupt files, steal user confidential information or run a spreading routine.  In either case, you should never open this file.

What makes this software tricky is in some cases tatss.exe-1f70ec22.pf may belong to a legitimate application and removing it could cause certain files not to work properly.  If you are not sure whether Tatss is the cause of your adware problems, investing in a Spyware removal software will keep remove malicious threats and keep your system safe.

Tatss file content:


init.dll patchme.exe phixin.exe tatAccess.ocx tatss.dll
tatss.exe, delfinmediaviewer_sn-f2.11.00-050b1df6.pf,
dpi.exe-1288a7dc.pf, patchme.exe-2c053480.pf, uninstal.log, vcc pgdataaccess.ocx, winproc32.exe, description.txt, license.txt,common filesremove_tools.html,delfinpgsdk.dll, delfinpgvalidator.dll, delfinpromulgatepgmonitr.exe, delfinpromulgatepgsdk.dll, delfinpromulgateuser.html, system32pcsinit.dll, system32pcspcsvc.dll, system32pcspcsvc.exe, system32pcspcsvcaccess.ocx,

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