The coming of adware like NewWeb in our personal computers

Adware like NewWeb is any software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program itself is running. Basically, adware is a tool that advertisers, marketers and spammers use to attain personal information about users which can then be reported on, or sold to advertisers and other interested parties. This information is exploited and harvested without the user’s consent and can be used to assault your privacy and compromise your personal data. They can collect personal information from your machine and also monitor your internet website viewing habits. Adware is a form of direct marketing, it places ad banners, toolbars, pop-up windows or changes your browser homepage to something other than what you intended with the express purpose of generating sales. While most adware programs are intended to run undetected on users computers, there are some tell tale signs that you may have some spyware and/or adware lurking somewhere on your system.

One sign when you start your internet browser, your homepage has mysteriously been changed. This is very suspicious because of the manipulation that can be brought to you by sly computer hackers. In some cases, items mysteriously appear in your favorites list within your internet browser, without you putting them there. This is a direct and forceful way of making someone like something without letting the person know what it is. For other cases of computer adware such as NewWeb your system seems to slow down, even when you’re not running a lot of programs. You may also notice a marked performance loss when starting up your machine and when turning your personal computer off. These are just some instances where you can get adware on your computer or when you can detect if your computer system is already supporting adware in your system with out you knowing it.

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