The Program XP Protector 2009 Was Not Made To Protect Your Computer

Like other rogue anti-spyware programs, XP Protector 2009 was only created to download malicious software (malware) onto your computer in order to steal your personal information for their own profit.  But, unfortunately for you, you will be under the impression that XP Protector 2009 is going to scan and remove malware from your computer.  This is a trick.

Whether XP Protector 2009 is given to you through a spam email message that will link you to the download or you are exposed to it through a random website, once you have XP Protector 2009 on your computer, things will not run smoothly.

Once XP Protector 2009 finds its way onto your computer, it will appear every time that you computer turns on.  When this program pops up, it will scare you into believing that your computer is in danger of a malware problem.  It will offer you a free scan to determine what programs are dangerous.  However, the scan will be a list of your temporary files that are not corrupt.  XP Protector 2009 will have you believe that all of these files are dangerous.  If your computer had just one malware program in its hard drive, the computer will have trouble working.  However, if you have more than one program like this, the computer will not even work.  This is how you know that this scan is totally misleading.

XP Protector 2009 just wants you to believe that your computer is at risk so that you will buy the full version of their program to remove the malware hurting your computer.  The problem here is that xp defender cannot scan or remove any types of programs.  So, it will not be able to remove any type of malware at all.

While all of this is happening, XP Protector 2009 is implanting its Trojan horses into your computer system in order to report information back to the programmers.  The information being reported includes things like your credit card number or any other personal information that they may be able to use to steal your identity to make money off of you.  While most of us do not keep our credit card information saved on our computer, this program can record our key strokes in order to lift this information.  So, if you are making purchases online while you have malware, they could be taking your credit card number and running wild with it!

It is too time consuming and expensive to have your personal information stolen like this!  You must contact a company that can handle getting rid of this malware.  Spyzooka has been taking care of its customers and getting rid of malware with great results.  Don’t trust any online company to solve your problems, because clicking recklessly online is what got you here in the first place!  Go with Spyzooka that has the industry awards to back them up.  They also offer a 100% guarantee on their services.  That should be all you need to get going and get rid of XP Protector 2009!

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