The Treachery of System Guard Center

Scammers are getting better and better at cloaking their motives under the guise of legitimately helpful products and services. The deception of programs like System Guard Center is scary because it can be extremely difficult to determine their true intentions until they have already robbed you blind. Having a spyware removal tool on your computer is of utmost importance, but care must be taken when selecting the right program to help you so as to avoid being taken by rogue developers that are only out to get your money by damaging your computer.

System Guard Center uses scare tactics to move you toward achieving the goal of buying its non-existent full version. When the “trial” version is installed on your computer, usually via Trojans, the program begins to execute a series of pop up barrages warning you of impending threats to your computer’s security and integrity. The most common of these pop ups is the “System Diagnosis” stating that your system and files may be damaged. It then urges you to purchase a “repairing solution” to avoid system crashes and other heinous failure. Other scare tactic pop ups include false scans with made up lists of malicious software supposedly lurking in shady corners of your computer, and false lists of supposed “privacy violations” that System Guard Center promises it can fix if only you install its additional security module.

These messages are intentionally designed to prey on your emotional, fear-based reaction instincts that prompt you to take immediate, and often poorly thought out, action. Do not be fooled by any of these warnings, and do not panic. The only threat to your computer is System Guard Center itself, and you can rest easy knowing that the only action you must take is figuring out how to remove it.

Manual removal of System Guard Center is possible, but can be difficult and potentially hazardous to your computer. The difficulty lies in the fact that in order to remove System Guard Center, you must first block its sites, stop and remove its processes, unregister DLL files, and search and remove all other files and registry utilities. Failure to remove all of these files leaves System Guard Center with the ability to simply recreate anything you have successfully deleted upon reboot. The hazard to your computer lies in the fact that you are tinkering about in folders integral to your computer’s function, and the accidental deletion of files crucial to your system’s function is a real possibility.

The safest, most effective method of both removing System Guard Center and ensuring that neither it nor its ilk will ever bother you again is to invest in a proper spyware removal tool. “Proper” here is defined as a program whose legitimacy is supported by memberships with credible organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and awards for outstanding service from notable sources. Proper is also defined as providing a 100% spyware removal guarantee, returning your money if you are not satisfied, and ensuring your computer is kept up to date at all times. ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the only product currently available that is characterized by all these aspects, and there isn’t a rogue program around that it can’t send back to the dark nether regions from which it came. Don’t waste time with thieves invest in ZookaWare PC Cleaner and rest easy knowing your computer is well protected and your money is well invested.

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